The real reasons you need to be offering engine carbon cleaning services to your customers


If you haven’t been talking to your customers about decarbonizing the engine on their automobile, you’re both missing out. Most car owners are willing to spend the money needed to keep their vehicle in tip-top shape. They’ll purchase regular car detailing services, take their car to the car wash and schedule regular tune-ups. However, what they likely don’t know is that all of their time, effort and perhaps even their money, may be going to waste if they are not decarbonizing the engine.


What does this have to do with you? Offering engine carbon cleaning services is a lucrative business opportunity that is equally beneficial for your customers, and the more satisfied your customers are, the more business you receive. But before we get into the depths of adding engine carbon cleaner to your list of expertise, let’s go over the benefits of engine cleaning and the benefits offering this service will bring to your business.


8 Benefits Your Customers Receive With Carbon Cleaning Services


The biggest advantage to your customers when they opt for engine carbon cleaning is that it keeps their engine, well, clean. Put simply, engine decarbonizing removes carbon deposits from all engine types. By cleaning their engine, they will also be:


  • Restoring engine performance
  • Reducing intermittent acceleration cut-out
  • Reducing engine noise
  • Preventing wear of expensive engine parts
  • Reducing exhaust fumes
  • Improving conditions for vehicle inspections for pollution levels
  • Increases engine lifespan
  • Fuel Saving
Business Opportunities of Offering Carbon Engine Cleaning Services


The benefits of decarbonizing the engine don’t end with the customer, as offering this service presents many additional opportunities for businesses to capitalize on.


Engine Carbon Cleaning is a Lucrative Business Opportunity


The average cost of an engine carbon cleaning service in Europe is 40 Euros; $35 in the United States and approximately $22 in Africa. This means that you only need to sell (and perform) engine carbon cleaning approximately 50-100 times to break even, depending on where you’re located. In other words, offering engine carbon cleaning services to your customers is a lucrative business opportunity that requires minimal funds to start-up.


Customer Satisfaction Brings Repeat Business


The one thing that stops your customers from opting for additional car services and car repairs is the cost. It’s hard to encourage positive word-of-mouth and referrals when customers aren’t paying to get their vehicle fixed. With carbon cleaning services, your customers can save on costly parts and repairs in the future, as carbon cleaning will keep the engine parts in a condition so that can be restored. This results in customers having a better experience with their vehicle which they relate to your business and carbon engine cleaning services, thus, share their experience with all of their friends.


How Do Engine Carbon Cleaners Work?


Now that you’re convinced it’s time to add engine carbon cleaning services to your list of options available to your customers, you’re likely wondering how engine carbon cleaners work. While the specific procedure depends on the type of engine carbon cleaner used, the general process is that the machine uses water to create oxygen and hydrogen, which then passes through the air intake of the engine. It’s then expelled through the exhaust system as gas which helps to remove any buildup or excess carbon that leads to poor performance.


You can purchase an engine carbon cleaner from Hydrostark for less than $2000USD. Sell this service 57 times and you’ll have made your money back. And once your customers understand the importance of purchasing engine carbon cleaning services, getting them to check this service off during their next tune-up will be easy.


So, get your hands on an engine carbon cleaner from Hydrostark today. It’s the type of machinery that delivers benefits to both your business and your customers.

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